John Jones Is Married And Files A Joint Return With His Wife They Have A Son Age

1.John Jones is married and files a joint return with his wife. They have a son, age 17 who is not in school. The son had gross income of $9,000 in 2009. They provided over 50% of his support. How many personal exemptions can the Jones claim?2. Sam is single. His brother, age 21, lives with him. His brother had gross income of $2,200 and is a full-time student. Uncle George provided over 50% of the brother’s support. a) Can Sam claim his brother as a qualifying child or qualifying relative or not at all? b) Why or why not? status?Sara paid over half of her mother’s support. Her mother received social security of $6,000 and interest income of $2,200. What is Sara’s filing status and how many exemptions can she claim?

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