John Asked Ivan How Ivan Could Be Sure To Get In All Of His Essential Amino Acid

John asked Ivan how Ivan could be sure to get in all of his essential amino acids that John had heard about from Fred

while they worked out in the Weight Room. Ivan said he easily meets all of his essential amino acid needs because he eats complementary protein combinations throughout his day. After Ivan explained how complementary protein combinations worked, Ivan had John think of complementary protein combinations that John would eat. Which of the following would not be a complementary protein combination?

a.creamy peanut butter on whole grain crackers

b.pasta salad with chopped broccoli and walnut pieces stirred in

c.meatless tomato and vegetable sauce with shredded tofu over cooked pasta

d.sliced tomatoes and green peppers on fresh lettuce with vinegar/oil dressing

e.simmered tender pinto beans with diced onions over rice

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