Job Br 02 Cx 01 De 06 Rg 05 Sy 11 Date Job Received Production Days Needed Date

The following jobs are waiting to be processed at Rick carlson’s machine center. Carlsons machine center has a reatively long backlog and sets fresh schedules every 2 weeks, which do not disturb earlier schedules. Below are the jobs recieived during the previous 2 weeks. They are to be ready to be scheduled today, which is day 241 (day 241 is a work day). Job names refer to names of clients and contact numbers.(Information table is first one attached on excel)A) Complete the table below (its attached)B) Which dispatching rule has the ebst score for flow timeC)Which dispatching rule has the best score for utilization?D) Which dispatching rule has the best score for lateness?E) Which dispatching rule would you select? Support you decision

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