Jaleen King Has Been A High School Science Teacher For 21 Years When She First S

Jaleen King has been a high school Science teacher for 21 years. When she first started teaching she was well respected by colleagues, students and administrators. She was creative and challenged her students in unusually creative ways. Her students were successful, scored well on standardized tests and many decided to pursue science related careers post high school. Now, Jaleen finds herself less motivated to be a great teacher, she rarely volunteers to participate in faculty leadership groups, and her students seem to be less excited about joining her courses and her evaluations seem less positive. Assignment: (15 pts.) 1. Analyze Jaleen’s behavior from each of the following four theoretical perspectives: Psychoanalytic, Cognitive, Behaviorist, and Social Cognitive. Explain how a theorist from each perspective would explain Jaleen’s development. Hint: Think about what motivates behavior change, or how behavior is changed in each perspective. Then decide why Jaleen’s behavior has changed. 2. Which perspective do you believe provides the most adequate explanation for Jaleen’s behavior? Why?

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