It S Very Important And I Need It For Tomorrow

I hope this time I can get some help with this. It’s very important and I need it for tomorrow.Please help me with the following questions Each answer should be the length of a standard paragraph. How does the content of Mannerist art compare with the content of other art of the Renaissance? Why are Pontormo’s Deposition (c. 1528) and Bronzino’s Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time (c. 1546) good examples of Mannerist art? What musical innovations came from Venetian composers in the sixteenth century? What were the characteristics of the Castiglione’s ideal courtier? What were Luther’s criticisms of Roman Catholicism? What reforms or changes did he believe the church should institute? What religious views did Renaissance humanists and Protestant reformers often share? Cite examples when possible. Thanks

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