It S A Case Study About Easycar Com And There Are 7 Questions To Be Answered Cas (1)

It’s a Case Study about, and there are 7 Questions to be answered.Case is already attached.The questions are:1. What are the characteristic of the car rental industry? How do these characteristic influence the design of service delivery processes in this industry in general?2. EasyCar obviously competes on the basis of low price. What does it do in operations to support this strategy?3. How would you characterize the level of quality that easyCar provides?4. Is easyCar a viable competitor to taxis, buses, and trains, as Stelios claims? How does the design of its operations currently support this form of competition? How not?5. What are the operational implications of the change made by in the last year?6. How significant are the legal challenges that easyCar is facing?7. What is your assessment of the likelihood that easyCar will be able to realize its goals?

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