It Is The Test Please Answer By Using 1 Hour If Overdue Will Not Pay Money Descr

It is the test! Please answer by using 1 hour. If overdue, will not pay money.

1.Describe how you can minimize the risk of a Type I Error.

2.Describe how you can minimize the risk of a Type II Error. What other considerations must you make when minimizing risk of Type II error?

3.Season’s Pizza recently hired additional drivers, and as a result, now claims that its average delivery time for orders is less than 45 minutes. A sample of 30 customer deliveries was examined, and the average delivery time was found to be 42.3 minutes. Historically, the standard deviation for delivery time is 11.6 minutes. Using

Answer1)chances of committing the type I error decreases with reduction in the significance level alpha.REASONIf level of significance reduces than the rejection area also reduces thus lower…

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