Independent Project Introduction Rose Peltier Suppose That I Am A Quality Assura (1)

There are instructions to have four factories, located in Detroit, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas, make boxes for my company. However, Boxes, Inc. does not have a quality control department at any of the factories. Consequently, box samples must be shipped to the head office in California so that they can be inspected before being shipped to customers. As part of the inspection, I must ensure that the four factories produce roughly the same output. If the processes for making the boxes are the same in each factory, then there should not be much variation in the size or other characteristics of the boxes. However, if the processes do differ appreciably, then there may be statistically significant differences in the average size of boxes made in those four factories. Data on the volume of the boxes can be used to test the null hypothesis that the average volume of the boxes does not vary significantly from factory to factory.

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