In This Second Discussion Return To The Virtual Interactive Bacteriology Laborat

In this second Discussion, return to the Virtual Interactive Bacteriology Laboratory website, and complete the “Differential Media” lab exercises to prepare for your Case assignment, and participate in this Module’s discussion. Remember to keep the pdf Module Instructions open as you work through the module media. Once you have completed the exercises, respond to the following questions:

1) What is the difference between “Selective Media” and “Differential Media?

2) Why is blood used in the “Hemolytic Reactions”? How is this useful when identifying bacteria?

3) How will this module help you with your assignments in the “VUMIE” laboratory program?

4)Prions are very unusual pathogens.  How do they compare with viruses and other microbial organism? What diseases are they thought to cause?  ( Lab link for questions 1-3) 

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