In This Assignment You Will Discuss The Important Activities Of Leaders And How

In this assignment, you will discuss the important activities of leaders, and how they can be used to create and maintain high-performance organizations.Throughout this course, you are expected to bring the knowledge and skills you have gained from other courses in the MBA program into the Forum discussions.1.Identify four research sources that provide context for at least three activities of strategic leaders. At least two of these must be from your own research.2.Using the resources you have identified, describe specific characteristics of leaders and activities necessary to maintain a high-performance organization.3.Post your findings to the Forum by Tuesday of this week. Include citations and references (in proper APA style) for your sources.

Assignment GradingCourse: NameActivities of LeadersYour nameProfessor’s Name [optional]University Activities of leaders to create and maintain high performance organizationEntrepreneur: To…

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