In The Last Few Lessons You Had The Opportunity To Examine Your Market Competiti

  1. In the last few lessons, you had the opportunity to examine your market, competition, and customer in-depth. In this assignment, you will locate two primary research sources and two secondary research sources that are specific to and support the entrepreneurial venture you selected for this course. These sources will ultimately help you to create assumptions about your customers.
  2. Your essay should be four paragraphs in length with one paragraph covering each source.

Research Sources

Identify two primary and two secondary research sources.

List each research source; provide a brief (one paragraph essay) description of the research source including why you selected that research source. Be sure to include a citation for each.

Student nameInstitutionInstructor nameIntroductionPrimary sources of information are said to provide firsthand information or evidence concerninga certain issue. On the other hand, the…

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