In The Future A Planetary Crisis Such As Severe Global Climate Change May Force

In the future, a planetary crisis such as severe global climate change may force human kind to travel across the galaxy looking for a new home. suppose in the year 2317, a group of 507 human pioneers colonize a very distant and arid planet, diaptomus prime. this population has native life forms. in a population of native diaptomus primians, long antennae exhibit complete dominance over the short variety. the alleles that regulate antennae length are l (long) and l (short). in a population of diaptomus primians with a total of 100 individuals, 9 have short and 91 have long antennae. assume this population functions like life on earth and is in hardy-weinberg equilibrium at the antennae locus. individuals with antennae of different lengths seem to have the same fitness. if you sample diaptomus primians 100 years from now, what should be the frequency of individuals with short antennae

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