In Problem 28 In Chapter 1 When Marie Mccoy Wakes Up Saturday Morning She Rememb

In Problem 28 in Chapter 1, when Marie McCoy wakes up Saturday morning, she remembers that she promised the PTA she would make some cakes and/or homemade bread for its bake sale that afternoon. However, she does not have time to go to the store to get ingredients, and she has only a short time to bake things in her oven. Because cakes and breads require different baking temperatures, she cannot bake them simultaneously, and she has only 3 hours available to bake. A cake requires 3 cups of flour, and a loaf of bread requires 8 cups; Marie has 20 cups of flour. A cake requires 45 minutes to bake, and a loaf of bread requires 30 minutes. The PTA will sell a cake for $10 and a loaf of bread for $6. Marie wants to decide how many cakes and loaves of bread she should make. a. Formulate a linear programming model for this problem. b. Solve this model by using graphical analysis

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