In Modern Terms Plato S Question Regarding Divine Command Theory Has Been Presen

In modern terms, Plato’s question regarding Divine Command Theory has been presented as “Is conduct moral because God commands or approves of it or does God command or approve of moral conduct because it is moral?” To argue that “God commands or approves of moral conduct because it is moral” is to determine that

Divine Command theory is true since God commands and approves of moral conduct though that which is moral is so regardless of whether or not God command approves of it or commands it.

Divine Command theory is false since that which is moral is moral in and of itself; consequently God only confirms or endorses that which is moral prior to his divine fiat or command.

Divine Command theory is not determined to be true or false based on the argument since God’s pronouncement or command regarding a particular moral course of action is inconsequential.

Divine Command theory is an outdated theory, which assumes the existence of God and has no bearing on Plato’s theory since Plato’s conclusions were essentially agnostic at the least and atheistic at the most.

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