In Exercises 33 Through 36 Write An Aevent Procedure With The Header Private Sub

In Exercises 33 through 36, write an aevent procedure with the header Private Sub btnCompute_Click(…) Handles btnCompute.Click, and having one line for each step. Display each result by assigning it to the txtOutput.Text property. Lines that display data should use the given variable names.”. 34. The following steps compute the price of ketchup:a) Declare all variables used in steps (b)-(d)b) Assign “ketchup”to the variable item.c) Assign 1.80 to the variable regularPrice.d) Assign .27 to the variable discout.e) Display the phrase “1.53 is the sale price of ketchup.”36. The following steps give advice:a) Declare the variable used in step (b)b) Assign “Fore” to the variable prefix.c) Display the phrase “Forewarned is Forearmed.”

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