In August 2017 The Annenberg Public Policy Center Asked The Equivalent Of A Simp

In August 2017, the Annenberg Public Policy Center asked the equivalent of a simple random sample of 705 U.S. adults the following: “Would you mind naming any of (the three branches of government)?” The equivalent results are summarized below.

·      183 named all three branches

·        92 named two of the three branches

·      190 named one branch

·      233 could not name any branches

·          7 refused to answer

1.    What is a 95% confidence interval for the percentage of all U.S. adults who could not name a single branch of government? 

A.   30% to 36%

B.   28% to 38%

C.   23% to 29%

D.   35% to 43%

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