In Appendix D 2 A National Trade Show Services Ntss Business Is Described Suppos

In Appendix D.2, a National Trade Show Services

(NTSS) business is described. Suppose that currently

the NTSS business is conducted manually.

The company wants to develop a web-based online

system to automate the business. This exercise

may be an individual assignment or part of a team

project. It requires the student or team to do the


a. From the business description, identify and list

the most important business activities of the current

business. These are the functionalities that

the future system must provide. Hint: The number

of such activities may differ from student to student.

However, the combined functionality identified

should cover at least 90% of the current business

activities, which includes the most important

business functions.

b. Identify other necessary functionalities for the

online system so the business can run online.

For example, the system needs to authenticate


c. Formulate the functionalities as software


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