In An Article In The Wall Street Journal Titled Kellogg To Study Work Of Salarie

In an article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Kellogg to Study Work of Salaried Staff, Setting Stage for Possible Job Cutbacks,” it was stated that Kellogg’s earnings remained under heavy competitive pressure and its cereal market continued to slip. It was also stated that Kellogg was seeking to regain its lost momentum through the first three strategies listed below, to which the last two are added.

1. Increasing production efficiencies.

2. Developing new products.

3. Increasing product promotion through advertising effectiveness.

4. Tapping creative ideas from organizational members at different levels.

5. Assessing perceptions of organizational health and vitality.

Discuss in as much detail as possible the sampling design you would use for each of the five strategies above. Give reasons for your choice. Exercise 11.8 Care for elderly relatives is a concern for many working parents. 

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