In Addition To The Information Presented This Week Regarding The Reasons For The

In addition to the information presented this week regarding the reasons for the creation of artifacts in each era (the ancient world, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance), recall information about motives for creating artifacts presented earlier in the course as you answer these questions:

  1. Identify an artifact that represents the characteristics of each era. You should identify a total of three artifacts. Insert an image or include a link to your artifact
  2. What do you believe was the purpose for the creation of each of the artifacts you selected? Justify your response using what you now know about the culture and values of each era.
  3. Why do you believe the creators felt the need to express themselves using these artifacts?

When responding to your peers, reflect on what you have learned in this theme. What differences do you notice between the artifacts from each era? Where do you think those differences stemmed from? Do you think contemporary human creative expression can or should work to elevate humanity?

Note: This discussion spans two weeks and is graded at the end of Week 6. Your first post is due in Week 5, and your two follow-up posts are due in Week 6. A 10% late penalty will be applied for initial posts that are submitted after the assigned week. No discussion activity is accepted for credit after the close of the theme.

Unread for topic 5-4-1/6-2-2 Discussion: Lasting Ideas From the Renaissance:


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