In A Survey 11 Male Statistics Students Were Asked To Report Their Height In Inc

 In a survey, 11 male statistics students were asked to report their height in inches. Their heights were then accurately measured after the survey was completed. The mean of their reported heights was 69.227 in. with standard deviation 2.11 in., and the mean of their measured heights was 68.555 in. with standard deviation 2.09 in. The standard deviation of the differences between the reported and measured heights was 0.826 in. Using a 0.05 significance level, you need to test the claim that male statistics students do exaggerate by reporting heights that are greater than their actual measured heights.

  1. What is the appropriate null hypothesis? Assume µ1 is the mean of reported, µ2 is the mean of measured, and µd is the mean of the difference between reported and measured.

a. µ1 – µ2 > 0

b. µ1 – µ2 ≤ 0

c. µd > 0

d. µd ≤ 0

e. x̄d > 0

2.What should you use for the value of the test statistic?

a. 0.67

b. 1.64

c. 1.96

d. 2.70

e. 4.41

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