In A Semi Manual Process On Time Success Variation May Indicate An Uneven Skill

In a semi-manual process, on-time success variation may indicate an uneven skill set within the work group and that additional training in a certain set of skills is needed as a corrective action. In the ABC Co. Case study, KPIs that were selected for statistical measurement covered all aspects of relating to the timeliness of process events, all revenue and pricing aspects, returns, and other `order-type” dimensions, as well as all KPIs that represent partner-performance service level metrics and commitments. The Business Challenge: What timely information do the process owners and actors require? How can productivity of key knowledge workers be improved? The ABC Co. Challenge: How does my transportation department find out about special shipping instructions? Geographically-Specific INCO Terms? How do we automate the Advance Ship Notification process? How do I find out if a specific order-type has been placed? How do I detect large orders so that I can plan fulfillment?

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