In 1907 Dr Duncan Macdougall Performed A Series Of Experiments In Which He Attem

In 1907, Dr. Duncan MacDougall performed a series of experiments in which he attempted to measure the weight of the soul as it left a dying person. In his experiments, MacDougall placed a dying person on a scale and measured their weight immediately prior to and following death. MacDougall determined the change in weight to be approximately 21 grams. From these experiments, he concluded that the soul exists and has mass. What is the fundamental scientific flaw in his conclusions? (2 points)

They are based on the concept of the soul, which is beyond the bounds of science.

They are based on the idea that the soul is made of matter, not energy.

They are based on the assumption that the soul does not remain in the body after death.

They are based on the concept that the soul can be measure

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