Improved Dialogue With Customers Fewer Customer Complaints Improved Complaint Re (1)

Improved Dialogue with Customers Fewer customer complaints Improved complaint resolution Key Elements of Quality Professional Selling? Everyone is a Salesperson…Agree or disagree, Why? Likes/Dislikes about Salespeople? Consumers are Rational and Sovereign Assumptions…Comment, How Would this Affect Salespeople Doing their Jobs? Describe Types of Selling Presented in this Chapter, How are they Different? How are they Similar? Why are You Interested in the Sales Engineer Position? What Does it Take to be Successful in Sales? NOT “I work hard” Knowledge Building Case Understanding of what the Customer Values? 3 things of Value in a Notebook Computer? Difference between Price and Value? Organization Culture/Climate Roar of Technological Innovation Is Our Sales Force Current? Is Organization And Individual Performance Satisfactory?

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