Imagine You Are Working In A Laboratory That Makes Tablets For Relieving Indiges

Imagine you are working in a laboratory that makes tablets for relieving indigestion. The tablets work by reacting with water or acid in the stomach. Carbon dioxide gas is produced as a result. You are asked to determine if taking the tablets with alcohol will affect the speed at which the tablets work.

Describe how you will carry out your investigation. You can use any or all of the apparatus below. (You may include diagrams of your experimental set-up.)

• 3 (100 cm³) conical flasks

• 3 balloons

• 3 rubber bands

• 3 indigestion tablets

• water

• alcohol

• measuring cylinder

• stopwatch

• mass balance

Hi I have this same question but can u pls explain it with diagrams I didn’t understand the way u explained before

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