If This Statement Is True And I Sort Of Agree Then How Can Iso 9000 Certificatio (1)

If this statement is true (and I sort of agree), then how can ISO 9000 certification lead to quality improvements? If you don”t think it leads to quality improvements, you should provide arguments why it does not. “If line employees are required to assume the quality control function, their productivity will decrease.” Do you agree with statement? If so, why and if not, why not? “You don”t inspect quality into a product; you have to build it in.” What does this statement mean? Provide arguments why you agree or disagree with the statement. Do you think JIT can be used in all manufacturing environments? Under what circumstances might JIT have limited application? Why do you think the Japanese have had so much success with the use of JIT principles and yet JIT has been less successful in the United States?

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