Identify What Risk Areas Could Be Quantified In Order To Provide Appropriate Ris (1)

Identify what risk areas could be quantified in order to provide appropriate risk data for MexiEnergy Management team to analyze.  Format these into a Table for their PM Committee review.  Limit the Table to 1 page and make certain you rate risks quantitatively using the scale on the last page of this exam and then rank them.  Then explain, in full sentences, how the Management team can calculate probabilities/likelihood of risk for this project to risk score these 

Based upon your understanding terminology studied in the Kendrick textbook, how can “crashing” be utilized by MexiEnergy management?  Discuss in complete sentences.  

The leadership component in the company’s management also has various weaknesses. First, thethree owners of the family sporting business have little management knowledge owing to thelower…

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