I Will Pay For The Following Essay Impact Of Shelf Positioning On Impulse Buying

I will pay for the following essay Impact of Shelf-Positioning On Impulse Buying of Fast Moving Consumer Goods. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

This paper tells that the findings of the research study of Kollat and Willett highlight that 65 percent of buying decisions in supermarkets are made in-stores, 50 percent of these decisions are unplanned and vary based on products and 50.5 percent of the products are bought in supermarkets as unplanned purchases. These unplanned decisions contribute to impulse purchasing which is considered very favorable for the sales of consumer products. Patterson argues that impulse buying is a result of various factors and one of these factors is the store location. Two important factors that influence impulse buying decisions include product packaging and positioning. Breygelmans, Campo & Gijbrechts conducted a research to study the impact of self-positioning on online grocery store choices and they have found that shelf management is an important factor even in the case of online grocery stores. By studying the in-store marketing of Norwegian retailing, it has been identified that are the promotional techniques which are used to normalize consumers purchasing behavior. By positioning products on the top shelf or near the center, attention and evaluation of brands can be improved whereas, positioning brands on the middle shelves achieve attention but do not improve evaluation. Another important factor that leads to impulse buying is packaging. The difference in packaging directly contributed to sales appeal. Packaging is very significant for low involvement products like impulse purchase categories because, in these categories, consumers do not have the desire or need to investigate the products. Packaging is the key driver of impulse buying and it is significant to understand whether planned versus impulse shopping occurs as a result of packaging.

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