I Need This Essay Reworded This Is My Own Work From A Class That I Took Two Year

I need this essay reworded, this is my own work from a class that I took two years ago but the professor says that I can not turn in the same work.

Terrorism itself can be defined with a blanket statement with an act of violence which brings fear, destruction, and even death to a mass population or important geographical area. The problem associated with defining terrorism comes from different motivations which can bring complexity in identifying which group constitutes as a terrorist organizations and where they come from. (Gaines & Kappeler, 2012). This basically describes how terrorists can be motivated by many factors which can range from religion, oppression, and even backing by a country or state. The complexity of this issue can come from a variety of causes to what is the terrorist origin, geographical displacement, and what motivated the individual or group to do these types of acts. When you hear terrorism in today’s society the mind set already starts to relate to death and destruction.

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