I Need This By Tomorrow Night Write A Pl Sql Anonymous Block That Accepts An Int

I need this by tomorrow night: Write a PL/SQL anonymous block that accepts an integer n (1 ≤ n ≤ 5) from the user input and displays n most popular birthdays along with the ranks for each month. Sort your output in ascending order by months, and then most popular birthdays.

You will lose 10 points if the title lines are missing in your output.

You will lose 10 points if your output has an incorrect format. For example, you must display the birthdays and ranks for the same month in one line.

You may hard-corded values of months (e.g., FOR idx IN 1..12 LOOP).

If you have hard coded the birthdays or ranks (e.g., DBMS_OUPT.PUT_LINE(‘1 (20/  240)(14/260)’))  in your PL/SQL block, you will receive 0 points.

To avoid complicating issues, you can assume that the user always enters input from keyboard that consists only of the digits 0 through 9 and Enter.

Submitting more than one PL/SQL program will receive 0 points.

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