I Need Help With My Homework Please I Am Not Understanding What I Need To Do Can

I need help with my homework please!! i am not understanding what I need to do can someone help?

here are the instructions

Think of a situation that is relevant to your daily life that can be modeled by a linear function. Then, post your situation in each of the four ways mentioned above.

  1. Describe the situation in words that is modeled by the linear function.
  2. Represent the situation using a function.
  3. Represent the situation using a table of values by inserting your table of values as an image.
  4. Graph the function using (opens in new window). For support on using Desmos, please refer to the Desmos Helps at the bottom of the forum page.
  5. Lastly, post the image of the graph and a link to your Desmos graph.

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