I Need Help Asap Think About How The Common Ownership Of He Oceans Concept And O

I need help ASAP

Think about how the common ownership of he oceans concept and of the affects their environmental state. If the United Nations were to take control over the exploitation of our oceans, what steps do you think they should take to improve the condition of the oceans? In order to answer the question, I need to write  an environmental mitigation plan that includes:

1. An overview of the problem of common ownership in general.

2. How common ownership is applied to the use of oceans.

3. At least two problems and threats that the common ownership presents to the oceans.

4. Describe a possible overseeing committee that could be used to govern the oceans(your own suggestion, based on reading that you have done)

5. What type of regulations or restrictions you would impose, if you were in charge of this?

6. How do you see in reality the implementation of the principle of “fair use” concerning the oceans.

Don’t forget to cite your references at the end of the assignment.

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