I Need Answer To Those Two Question Asap 200 Words With Apa Format Thanks You Ha

I need answer to those two question ASAP. 200 words with APA format. Thanks.

  1. You have a new site that your company just purchased. When you inspected the site, you realize that the previous server was stored in a closet in a commonly accessed hallway with no locks. You typically install domain controllers at each site. You also need to ensure that if the domain controller is compromised, none of the administrator or service accounts will be accessible. What can you do to secure the remote site?

2. You are an administrator for a large organization, with 10,000 users in a single domain among five large offices and 22 small sales sites. You have a relatively large group of administrators. Some administrators are used to manage the users and computers, two administrators are used to manage the printers, branch managers need to manage the users at their site, and some administrators are used for Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server. How would you organize your domain so that you can establish the proper rights and permissions?

1. What can you do to secure the remote site?As an administrator, the first thing that I need to do is to make sure that the remote server islocked securely in a secluded place. Servers needs a…

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