I M Torn Between A Few Answers On Each One Below Explanation Appreciated To See

I’m torn between a few answers on each one below. Explanation appreciated to see how you came up with response.

1.During a long presentation, use a ________ to show your audience what you’ve covered so far

 and what is still to come.

A) clarion slide

B) moving blueprint slide

C) static buffer slide

D) nonlinear transitional slide

2.All of the following tips except ________ will help you succeed when posting résumés in an

 online environment.

A) taking advantage of social networking

B) remembering that your online presence is a career-management tool

C) expecting that employers will retrieve your résumé from a website

D) submitting your résumé via the method and medium that each employer prefers

3.When mailing a résumé, it is a good idea to:

A) have it delivered via Priority Mail.

B) use a standard 5 x 7 envelope.

C) send it via parcel post.

D) use a large kraft envelope.

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