I M Having Major Trouble With This Homework In General Its Based Of The Book Env

I’m having major trouble with this homework in general. please help.

its based of the book Environmental Science for a Changing World

4.3 (page 222)

1. Which of the following can be a pathogen

7. Which of the following steps is NOT necessary needed to address an environmentally mediated infectious disease?

11.Which of the following environmental factors is the leading cause of the environmental health problems?

17 Which of the following methods have been useful in reducing indoor air pollution in rural or low-income areas?

Short answer

5.1 (242)

1) The water cycle is an example of:

3) What is the unit of measure for determining an ecological footprint?

9) Which of the following is an internal cost of coal mining?

11) which of the following is an assumption of mainstream economics that environmental economists feel is erroneous?

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