I Have Ran The Test And Still Cannot With The Right Answer

I would like some help with this java program. I have ran the test and still cannot with the right answer. I am suppose to develop a program that accepts a number of minutes and converts it both to hours and days.

For example, 6000 minutes equals 100 hours and equals 4.167 days.

import java.util.Scanner; // scanner declaratio

public class MinutesConversion


public static void main(String[] args) // main function


Scanner input = new Scanner(;

int minutes,hours;

System.out.print(“Enter the minutes to convert:”);

minutes =input.nextInt(); // Scanner declaration

hours=minutes/60; // hours calculatio

double days=(double)minutes/(24*60); // days deration

System.out.println(minutes+” minutes “+”equals “+hours+ ” hours”+” and equals “+days+” days”);  



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