I Have Posted These As A Set Of Questions But I Am Putting 3 Up In The Free Ques

I have posted these as a set of questions but I am putting 3 up in the “free” questions, as well. I am looking to build a relationship with a tutor that can help me the entire semester to learn this topic. I am willing to add a little to each question but I would like to get a consistent tutor, if possible.Topic is Electrical Properties of Material and Device Design2. Suppose T=0 and the Fermi-level Ef is a value Δ below the valence band-edge. Using the property of the full Fermi-Dirac distribution, express the total hole density p in the terms of a Δ and Ch where Ch is the constant in the formula for the density of state. Now assume that Ef is above the conduction band-edge by Δ, calculate the electron density as a function of Δ and Ce (also T=0).I believe Ch is Planck’s constant square but not certain. (6.62×10^-34)^2

because the probability tends to onebecomes one as denominator in 1/(1+1/Become one )

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