I Have Done All But The Letter C I Can Not Figure Out How To Set This Equation U

I have done all but the letter C. I can not figure out how to set this equation up.

5. (10 pts)  Alan went on a diet. Alan’s weight w in pounds t weeks after the start of the diet is modeled by 

          w(t) = -0.004t3 + 0.18t2 – 3t + 280 for 0 £ t £ 15 weeks.

(a) What was Alan’s weight at the start of the diet?     

W(0)=-0.004(0)2+0.18(0)2-3(0)+280  0 £ t £ 15 weeks  W=280

(b) What was Alan’s weight 15 weeks after the start of the diet? Show work.

W(15)=-0.004(15)2+0.18(15)2-3(15)+280  0 £ t £ 15







(c) Find and

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