I Have A Seminar Discussion To Be Held Tomorrow The Professor Has Given Us A Few

I have a seminar discussion to be held tomorrow, The professor has given us a few questions last week, these questions will be discussed in tomorrow’s seminar. I have written some answers, but I still feel not perfect enough. I hope someone can help me with these questions. give me a good answer for those questions. thank you very much

1.                 Describe the corporate governance measures that are in place in the USA.

2.                 What are the main differences in approach between the UK governance codes and the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act? Which approach do you believe has been most successful?

3.                 What is the framework for corporate governance in China?

4.                 In what ways might the legal and cultural context of a country impact on the development of the corporate governance model in a given country?

5.                 Critically discuss whether it would be desirable to have one model of corporate governance applicable to all countries.

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