I Am Using The Regression Results Below To Answer The Following Two Question R S

HI I am working on an assignment and I am stuck on this. I really need help.

I am using the regression results below to answer the following two question

R Square: 0.9975

Adjusted R Square: 0.9962

BlankCoefficientsStandard Errort








Using these results, calculate the Q

, AP

, and MP

 for L=8


Select one:

a. Q=1,768

; AP=245.1

; MP=247.7


b. Q=1,984

; AP=195.8

; MP=177.3


c. Q=1,888

; AP=236.0

; MP=217.3


d. Q=1,440

; AP=180.0

; MP=161.3

At 8 workers, is SMC

 rising or falling, and how do you know?

Select one:

a. At 8 workers, SMC

 is falling since MP

 is falling.

b. At 8 workers, SMC

 is rising since MP

 is rising.

c. At 8 workers, SMC

 is falling since MP

 is rising.

d. At 8 workers, SMC

 is rising since MP

 is fallin

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