I Am In Class At Amu Taking Finc300 Foundations Of Financial Management With Doc (1)

I am in class at AMU taking FINC300 Foundations of Financial Management with Doctor George Charles. Your site and his teachings do not correspond. I have managed to get an A in forums, have a B in testing, and the paper isn’t due yet… However in homework I am failing. He has given me the opportunity to redo four of the 6 assignments I did poorly in. This is where I need help.

The book is

Vernimmen, P., Quiry, P., Dallocchio, M., Le Fur, Y., & Salvi, A. (2014). Corporate finance: Theory and practice, (4th ed). Chichester, West Sussex UK: John Wiley & Sons

The assignments are

Exercise 1 CH 2 pg 26

Exercise 1 CH 3 pg 39

Exercise 1 CH 11 pg 198

Exercise 1 CH 12 pg 213

Thank you for your help in advance.

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