Hypothesis And Operational Definition Exercise Provide The Same Information For

Hypothesis and Operational Definition Exercise

Provide the same information for each hypothesis (answer the following questions for each hypothesis).

1. What type of relationship would you predict (positive linear, negative linear, and so on)?

2. Which method (experimental or nonexperimental) would you use to test this hypothesis? Why?

3. Which is the independent or “cause” variable and which is the dependent or “effect” variable?

4. State an operational definition for each variable. If experimental, describe how the independent variable

might be manipulated and the dependent variable measured. If nonexperimental, describe how both

variables might be measured.

Hypothesis 1: Job stress is associated with absenteeism rates at work.

Hypothesis 2: The size of a meeting is related to the length of the meeting.

Hypothesis 3: Jury decisions are influenced by the attractiveness of the defendant.

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