Hs Is A Very Active Well Nourished Commercial Fisherman Hs States He Has Lost 40

HS is a very active, well-nourished commercial fisherman. HS states he has lost 40 pounds after he was diagnosed and hospitalized with atrial fibrillation in 2014. HS states he quit drinking beer following, it was suggested by his doctor when discharged from the hospital. HS states that he had an echocardiogram (TEE) with cardio-version the next morning. According to his records, he was unable to convert from atrial fibrillation from a Cardizem drip the night before the TEE/cardioversion. He was on Eliquis for one month following cardio-version but is now only taking baby aspirin. His primary care and cardiologist never put him on blood pressure medicine, since his systolic blood pressure remains in the 130s. HS was a college football player, and he now has occasional right shoulder pain in which he sees a chiropractor for follow-up therapy. He is status post facial basal cell surgery as noted above. He occasionally has squamous cell spots removed from his forearms from being exposed to sunlight from years of commercial fishing. HS states he eats mostly organic foods.

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