How Would You Respond

Victim assistance and victim compensation programs can amazing things and try to equal a score that in some cases money and other means just aren’t enough. The finical compensation never really adds up to be much since the money the offender in prison makes isn’t a lot. Some victims/victims families enjoy knowing that the offender is paying regardless¬†if it is a lot of money but it’s added remembrance of the crimes they have committed. Other victims don’t want the reminder when they get the check or whatever it maybe, though they will never forget what was done to them they would rather focus on moving on. “The OVA manages the day-to-day operational aspects of the Victim Assistance Program (VAP) in the 56 FBI field offices across the country as well as the FBI’s international offices. In addition, the OVA is responsible for providing training and information that helps to equip FBI agents and other FBI personnel to work effectively with victims”. (Victim¬†Assistance, 2018)

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