How Would You Respond To This With A Substantive Respond

how would you respond to this with a substantive respond

:”””When choosing the skills that I have now and the ones I plan to acquire in the next two years, I noticed that most of them were basic skills. I also wish to improve on most of these skills. I chose the complex problem solving skill, resource management skills, and social skills. After I preformed the search based on these skills, I had occupations ranging from transportation all the way to psychologists and pharmacists. I chose transportation manager. I did this because at the moment I work in transportation as a dispatcher or transportation supervisor. I am almost done with my associated degree and plan on moving on to my bachelors. This is my plan in order to actually become a transportation manager. While reading the summary report for a transportation manager, I realized how accurate it was. Most of the skills and knowledge listed, I already have. I think this resource could be used by staffing professionals when it comes to matching employees with specific positions. This tool is a good way to outline job duties that could be presented to new or current employees. I think this could also be useful for students wanting to research what occupations they think would be the best fit. I wish I could have utilized this skills search when I was undecided with what field I wanted to study. 

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