How To Solve The Questions In The Attachments 1 If The Project S Wacc Is 7 The P

How to solve the questions in the attachments?

1. If the project’s WACC is 7%, the project’s NPV is which of the following? 

a.437510 b. 393759  c. 481261  d. 350008

2. which of the following statements indicate a disadvantage of using the discounted payback period for capital budgeting decisions?

choices in the attachements.

3. how to do the two tables attached in the attachments?

4. which version of a project’s payback period should the cfo use when evaluating project omega, given its theoretical superiority?

a. the discounted payback period

b. the regular payback period

5. how much value does the discounted payback period method fail to recognize due to this theoretical deficiency?

a. 1446281  b. 3446281     c. 5309917          d. 1809917

can you please show me the steps of all of them? 

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  • Attachment 2
  • Attachment 3

Answer 7 Answer 8 AnswerWhich of the following statements indicate a disadvantage of using discounted payback period forcapital budgeting decisions ?Option B The discounted payback period does…

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