How To Draw An Erd For The Following Situation Using Visio And What Notation To

How to draw an ERD for the following situation using Visio and what notation to use .

The Old Capitol Tennis Club teaches tennis and offers both private and group lessons.  The Club charges $55 per hour per student (or couple) for private lessons and $20 per hour for group lessons.  Students must pre-register for private and group lessons.  Each individual lesson has an instructor.  Each group lesson must have two instructors.  The Club also has weekly tournaments that can be attended by any member of the club at a cost of $10 per person.  The Club would like to have a database to keep track of lessons, students, and the schedules of lessons and instructors.  It would also like to record the number of attendees in the tournaments and the amount collected; however, it is not interested in recording who plays.

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