Hospital Care Is Changing Dramatically As Reform Continues As This Week S Readin

Hospital care is changing dramatically as reform continues. As this week’s readings showed, many patients seek care in a hospital instead of working with a primary care physician. CEO’s are finding themselves in the position of trying to educate the community they serve as to what care should be provided within a hospital setting and what care should be provided in an outside clinic.Picture yourself as a CEO of a small community hospital. You are creating a flowchart for your community as to what services are offered in the hospital and what services should they should seek through their PCP. This flowchart should be in layman’s terms so that the general population understands it, and provide them with the in

ion they would need to determine where to seek care. This


should use national


ences, such as the American Hospital Association, to provide the community with data and in


ion to support the handout.

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