Homework Assignment Memo You Are A Manager At Electrofibe A Mid Sized Electronic

Homework Assignment: Memo

You are a manager at Electrofibe, a mid-sized electronic cable supply company, and you are faced with a problem employee. You called your immediate superior, Jessica Payema (Vice President), and briefly told her about the situation. She told you to send her a memo containing all the pertinent information as well as your recommendation as to how the situation should be handle

Feel free to add information that is not given (i.e. to make up information) if you feel it’s necessary or helpful to your memo, but remember that this is not a creative writing assignment (please provide information that sounds plausible or reasonable).

Joe Rankin has been working for the company for about a year now. He is in charge of customer service and deliveries. Several workers have spoken to you in the last few months about Joe, and you have learned that he has been “bad-mouthing” (speaking badly about) you. Apparently, as several (4) witnesses have corroborated, he thinks you are a “lousy leader,” “seriously disorganized,” “almost mentally retarded” and “have no idea what you are doing.” He has also said that you are “a mean-spirited bean counter, and deserve to burn in hell.” Until now, since you were the target of his disparaging comments, you have refrained from confronting Joe directly.

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