Homepage Southern New Ham X Codio Numeric And String Exprx G

Can someone explain my error? I can’t figure out what variable. I am missing

Homepage – Southern New Ham xCodio – Numeric and String ExprxG versionProject Index (static)AGOConfigure….5. 1. Challenge# Input from the command lineDLOPEZ7mimport sysname1- sys . argv[1]Collapse )Escapingname2:name1- sys . argv [2=( ‘Dametresname2 = ( ‘Daijah’ )5. 1. Challengestr (name1+1 + name2)Dametres – ( ‘Dametres ‘s donen and Daijah’s done’input (Dametresand where name1 and name2 are replaced with the inputYour code goes herestringImportant: getting spaces right is really important here. Don’tadd any extra spaces by mistake.Program OutputTraceback imFile "". line 10. inast)input/Dametres)EOFError: EOF when reading a lineProgram Failed for Input: 1 2Expected Output: 1’s doneand 2’s doneYour Program Output: Dametresand Dalian’s done10:5)PythonO Type here to search8:35 PM1/2/2019

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