Hi There Could You Please Help With The Following Questions For Security In Comp

Hi there, could you please help with the following questions for Security in Computing:I need a some help answering the following questions. Thanks in advance for your help! 1.) Describe the fundamental principles in both the Bell-LaPadula and Biba security models. For each, explain what sort of security the model is intended to provide, the two key properties of the model, and then explain why each of the properties makes sense from a security standpoint.2.) What is the difference between inference and aggregation? Give an example of each, and describe at least one way to mitigate each type of vulnerability.3.) Describe the difference between least privilege and separation of duty. Which one would you use to secure an Accounting system and why?4.) When is the use of qualitative risk analysis preferable to quantitative methods?5.) Describe what is DACL and RBACL and how it works. When would you use one versus another?

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